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What You Should Know About The Fascia Gun

Oct. 09, 2021

Muscles are also moving at high speed under high-frequency percussion. Usual shoulder and neck pain, backache and back swelling, 5 minutes a day, shake off the tiredness of the muscles. Let the whole body experience the unprecedented sense of relaxation.

Careful friends may have noticed that in the NBA or some major events, athletes use a Fascia Gun to massage when they rest. It is nearly a hundred times faster than ordinary manual patting, and the soreness, pain and tension of the muscles after strenuous exercise can be quickly relieved by it.

After being struck by the fascia gun, the fascia is easily separated from the muscles, reaching a new level of relaxation.

Experiments have proved that: instead of manual massage, the fascia gun has a certain relaxing function.

Fascia Gun

Fascia Gun

There are generally two types of muscle soreness:

1. Human muscles are wrapped by a layer of membrane, also called fascia. When it is tense or fatigued for a long time, it will spasm, commonly known as "fasciitis", which is like the waist and shoulders of sedentary people, often typing on the keyboard. Irritating pain in the fingers.

2. There is also a kind of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which is caused by hypoxia in the muscles during exercise. The muscles will produce a large amount of creatine and form a sore sensation, which usually manifests on the second day of exercise.

Both of these two kinds of pain can increase the blood circulation of the muscles under the high-frequency percussion of the fascia gun, so as to achieve the effect of relaxation and recovery. So now many athletes give up personal masseurs and choose it.

Because of its good effect and convenience, it exploded in fitness, sports, and celebrity circles for a while.

As long as they have been used, they will be recommended to friends around them. Not only can they relax muscles, the fat under high-frequency vibration can also play a certain role in burning fat and shaping!

Office workers and student parties hunched their waists at the table every day, the muscles on their backs were always tight, and the cervical and lumbar vertebrae had long been overwhelmed.

I always feel swelling and stiffness in my shoulders, soreness in the waist, and my cervical spine and lumbar spine will be compressed to varying degrees over time.

It is said that exercise is good medicine, but occasional strenuous exercise can cause muscle soreness. The next day, the whole body is sore and weak. The hands and feet can't even be lifted. The muscles seem to be torn every step of the way.

At this time, the fascia gun is driven at 3000 rpm per minute to strike the soreness, penetrate the epidermis, dermis, and fat layers, directly to the fascia and muscles, accelerate the blood circulation of the muscles and relax the muscles quickly.

During the vibration process, each muscle will form a resonance. After relaxation and contraction, the lactic acid produced by the muscle is broken down, thereby alleviating muscle tension and pain.

Therefore, when the pain is caused by excessive muscle tension and stiffness, and a large amount of creatine is produced after exercise, you only need to use it to massage the painful area to relax the muscles from the root cause and relieve fatigue and pain.

And after each exercise, use the fascia gun to massage the muscles, which can relax the muscles and stretch them, which has the effect of shaping and beautifying the body! Make your body symmetrical, with slender lines, bid farewell to incorrect trapezius muscles, muscular legs, big arms, etc.