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Is the massage gun useful?

The massage gun has a certain effect on relaxing muscles, it is mainly used for high-frequency impact physiotherapy for fascia relaxation. Compared with our daily use of foam rollers, the massage gun relaxes muscles and tissues more deeply and accurately.

How does massage gun work?

The massage gun, also known as tissue relaxation massage gun, uses the principle of muscle resonance to deeply hit and vibrate the deep muscle tissue, thus accelerating blood circulation, relieving pain, and accelerating recovery after injury. It is a powerful helper for rehabilitation physiotherapists, pain physicians, massage therapists, beauticians, health therapists and other related persons.

Benefits of homedics physio massage gun:

1. The fit smart massage gun has a certain local weight loss effect. Muscle fat moves under the skin and consumes a lot of fat to generate heat energy and excrete it. 

2. The fitness massage gun has the functions of relaxing tendons, invigorating blood circulation, dredging collaterals, and degree massage. There is no requirement for professional and technical personnel for individuals. 

3. Its high-frequency oscillation can directly penetrate deep skeletal muscles, so that skeletal muscles are instantly relaxed, and the meridian nerves and blood vessels are instantly unblocked. 

4. Effectively avoid the massager's hand skin contacting the patient's skin and avoid contact skin diseases.

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How to use the massage gun?

1. Make sure to use the massage after it starts to vibrate. Use it in the direction of the muscle, so memorize the anatomy of the muscle you want to relax. 

2. Choose a different tip according to your relaxation area. 

3. Our principle is to push slowly and move slowly, for example, make a dozen or so moves, and the distance of each move is very small.

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