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Our wireless eye massager is designed to target acupuncture points to relieve tension and reduce headaches. It's the perfect massage for those who work long hours, face monitors all day, or study late at night.

Wireless eye massager features

  • Relieve headaches and eye fatigue with heated massage, built-in heating pad provides comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit (40°C-42°C) for better eye fatigue relief Combined with heating to better reduce eye strain and puffiness and dry eyes

  • Five massage modes, switching between different eye massage methods can help reduce eye fatigue during the day. You can choose the ideal massage mode to relax your body and mind. Use 15 minutes before bed to reduce fatigue and help you enjoy a deeply relaxing sleep.

  • A wireless music speaker, our wireless bluetooth eye massager comes with two meditation tracks and built-in bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your smartphone or other media device.

  •  Portable Stylish Design Our clamshell design allows you to take the eye massager to the workplace, wear it on a flight while traveling, or use it anywhere it is convenient for you. The headband is easily sized for teens and adults.

As a leading wireless eye massager supplier, Xingbu provides high performance eye massager with heating to help relax your eyes. OEM, ODM custom massagers orders are accpted with low cost price, welcome to contact us for more information!

You may also want to know:

Is an eye massager any good?

It is beneficial to use an eye massager for about 15 minutes a day. Use an eye massager to stimulate acupuncture points and increase blood circulation. The result is enhanced skin elasticity and reduced wrinkles. This can also reduce dark circles or bags under the eyes.

What does an eye massager do?

  • Relieve headaches and eyestrain. Eye strain, whether due to too much or not enough brightness, can lead to some serious headaches over time.

  • Relieve dry and tired eyes.

  • Relieve eye muscle soreness.

  • Support eye health.

  • Reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.

Is a heated eye massager good for you?

If used for fifteen minutes a day, it can also help eliminate eye bags and dark circles caused by lack of sleep and poor blood circulation. The eye massager strengthens the metabolism of eye cells, smoothes the wrinkles around the eyes, eliminates facial drowsiness and puffiness, and calms the skin at the same time

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