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Whether your goal is to stimulate weak muscles, lose weight, improve circulation, or get a better workout, fitness vibration machines are ideal for personalized low-impact workouts. The swing motion technology allows full body vibration strength training with 99 speed settings, walking, jogging and running as well as manual mode options for effective final results. Combine with the included resistance band for a full-body workout.

Fitness Vibration Machines Features

❤️【Silent Drive Motor】Our latest vibrating machine is equipped with a 200W motor to improve reliability, 3D oscillating motion, effectively shaking your body left and right up and down to achieve the ultimate effect, the ultra-quiet motor will not disturb your family.

❤️【EASY TO USE AND SIMPLE OPERATION】The easy-to-operate LED screen shows the time and speed, making it easy for you to adjust the intensity of your workout, while the free remote control lets users control time, speed, and on/off effort without any extra effort, and the non-slip foot edge increases for extra security.

❤️【Multiple Adjustment Modes】Adjustable vibration speed (180 levels) to suit different 5-program vibration intensities, comes with two exercise ropes to help exercise your arms and upper body for a sexier shape.

❤️【STAY IN FIT】Slim Vibrating Plate Exercise Machine helps you get the figure you want by burning more calories, proven to help improve flexibility, tone and build muscles, and is the perfect tool to stay in shape and fit.

As a leading fitness vibration machines supplier, Xingbu provides various high quality vibration fitness machine and massagers with low cost price! Moreover, OEM, ODM services are available according to customer needs. If you are looking for fitness vibration machines for sale, welcome to contact us!

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What is Whole Body Vibration for?

Advocates say 15 minutes of whole-body vibration 3 times a week may help with weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, increase blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, increase strength and lower the stress hormone cortisol.

Should You Wear Shoes On Vibration Boards?

No shoes on the plate unless you have to wear shoes due to foot problems. The shoe does not allow you to fully integrate with the surface of the board. The vibrations from the board need to be properly transmitted to the body, which can be affected if you wear shoes.

Does vibration tighten the skin?

Firms and conditions skin - firmer muscles and increased blood circulation help firm skin. Increases Bone Density – Increasing bone mineral density while using Vibration 360 is a viable solution to prevent further bone loss and help fight osteoporosis.

All of our whole body vibration machines for sale have passed BSCI, ISO9001 and other international standardization certifications, and the company's products have passed the US FDA, EU CE, EU RoHS, US FCC, US ETL, CB certification, German GS, Japan PSE and other quality and safety standards certification. Welcome to be the first to inquire!

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