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Do you Want to Thin Your Face?

Sep. 27, 2021

If you want to improve skin problems, protect beautiful skin, and shape a small V face, you can't do without two brushes! I am also hypertrophy by the masseter muscle, very troubled, countless gestures in the mirror, thinking that I can cut off the excess flesh on the two sides, and I have also learned many face-lifting methods on the Internet, but the effect is very small. Unexpectedly, the golden beauty stick gave me a big surprise!

Exterior design

This massage stick uses a T-shaped structure, which is convenient for all-round use of the face. The moment you open the box, you are attracted by its charming gold. The shiny gold body and the head are made of 24k gold. So it’s heavy to hold in your hand, small and exquisite, and it doesn’t take up any space. There is also an exquisite storage bag, which is super convenient for us to carry in our bag when we go out.

The whole body of this baby is waterproof, safer and more convenient. It can effectively solve the problems of wrinkles, facial sagging, spots, dullness and edema. It can create firm facial skin and has a certain face-lifting effect.

Gold Beauty Bar

Gold Beauty Bar

working principle

The working principle of this 24k gold massage stick is to rely on vibration to solve the problems of different parts in a targeted manner. Small parts such as fine lines on the corners of the eyes can also be covered in all aspects. The effect of lifting and tightening is immediately visible. The internal micro current is massaged. It's super comfortable, and it can relieve fatigue.

Use effect

Sticking to the massage stick can reduce wrinkles and moisturize the skin. The pure gold particles can instantly integrate the body's potential balance, wake up the skin, and eliminate problems such as large pores and pigmentation. And every minute of operation is equivalent to 6000 times of manual massage, which eliminates fat on the face, and it only takes 10 minutes to improve the contour of the face. Many girls have the habit of staying up late. Is it difficult to get dark circles and bags under the eyes? The golden beauty bar can wake up the microcirculation of the eyes, eliminate eye fatigue, discharge excess water through ion vibration, and give you a shiny eye!

How to use it?

The method of using the massage stick is also super simple:

1. After taking out the beauty stick, turn on the rotary switch at the lower part of the electric beauty stick handle, and the intensity of the massage can be adjusted according to your skin's ability to withstand it.

2. After facial cleansing, apply skin care products or use massage cream together. Start massaging the T-shaped part of the electric beauty stick on your face. After pressing each part of the T-shaped part for 3 seconds, it starts to push from the inside out.

3. The operation can be repeated many times where there are wrinkles. Including neck, eyes and lips.

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