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Is the Massage Gun Harmful to the Body?

Sep. 02, 2021

As a professional manufacturer of the massage gun, I can tell you that there is no harm in using the massage gun correctly.

The essence of the massage gun is a massage tool, but because of its great effect, it can only be used on large areas of muscles such as the waist and buttocks of the body. In the process of use, as long as the operation is correct, it will not cause harm.

Massage Gun

Massage Gun

The Benefits of the Massage Gun

The massage gun does have a certain effect on relieving muscle fatigue. It stimulates local blood circulation through mechanical vibration, brings about the contraction and filling of blood vessels, and improves blood circulation and metabolism locally. Some muscle aches such as stiffness and strain can be moderately relieved by the massage gun.

The massage gun can also alleviate muscle tension problems, especially after exercise, muscle tension, lactic acid accumulation, etc., it is difficult to recover quickly by itself, and the correct use of the massage gun can improve the time and efficiency of recovery after exercise. has seen an increase.

How to Use the Massage Gun Correctly

Appropriate Force

Because the massage gun has a great effect, it does not need to be used vigorously. Just hold the muscles with your hands to make the massage gun resonate, which can enhance the effect of penetration and massage.

Press Along the Muscles

The massage gun can't only hit the sore points of the muscles, but should be used along the muscle texture and fascia, and the force of the massage gun can be evenly applied to the muscles to achieve the effect of relaxing the muscles.

Remember to Move

Do not use it for too long in the same part, move slowly, with a certain thrust, and hit all the muscles evenly.

Choose a Appropriate Massage Head

The massage gun has a variety of massage heads, which are prepared according to the muscles of different parts. Choosing the right massage heads for different parts can enhance the effect.

Use the Massage Gun for a Suitable Time

How long to use the massage gun to massage depends on the situation. Because the massage gun has a strong force, if it is used for a long time, it is easy to increase the fatigue of the muscles, so there is a relative limit to the use time. If the muscles are tense after exercise, it is recommended to massage the large muscles of the body for 3-5 minutes, and the whole body should be used for about 10-15 minutes at most. If it is used after daily work or study, massage 1-2 minutes on the rigid area.

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