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Runners Need to Master the Using Skills of Massage Gun

Jun. 10, 2022

The massage gun is also known as a fascial gun, and is loved by many runners because it can be used anytime and anywhere for massage.

However, runners need to master the correct use of skills in order to give full play to the best performance of the massage gun, otherwise it may lead to injury.


Use before running

Using a massage gun before running helps to speed up the blood flow to the muscles and prepare them for running. And it also enhances the movement of the body, which is beneficial to the efficiency of running.

Using a massage gun before running is generally a 1-2 minute massage of the major muscles used during exercise and a 30 second massage of the supporting muscle tissue. For example, for leg exercises, a 60-second massage on each of the quadriceps and hamstrings, and a 30-second massage on each of the lower back and calf muscles is sufficient.

Runners Need to Master the Using Skills of Massage Gun


Post-run use

After a run, you can use the massage gun as a tool to cool down your body. The massage allows the body to relax, especially the nervous system. Massage speeds up blood flow and delivers more nutrients to tired muscles. It also relieves muscle soreness, prevents inflammation and speeds up the body's recovery.


Relieve muscle soreness

If a runner develops delayed muscle soreness afterward, a massage gun can be used to massage the muscles without causing the soreness to increase. The muscles are very sensitive when sore and the runner needs to try to massage the muscles in question.


Use contraindications

Although the massage gun is very safe, but in some parts or when the body has some conditions, it is best not to use the massage gun.

First, do not use it on the part of multiple bones.

Second, do not use it on the part of the bones injured.

Third, do not massage on the part of abrasions or bare wounds.

Fourth, do not use it when the body has severe or unexplained pain.

Fifth, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia or other musculoskeletal disorders do not use the massage gun without the permission of a doctor.