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Eye Massager: Buying Guide

May. 12, 2022

Before buying an eye massager, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with this product. This buying guide will help you better understand the benefits of owning such a product and what to look for before making a final purchase.

What to look for before buying an eye massager

Before spending your hard-earned cash, take note of the following.

Method of massage

If you want to relieve certain conditions, make sure the eye massager uses the proper type of message. For example, not all eye massagers have a heating function. Often, the best eye massagers use a variety of techniques, but not all do.



Ultimately, eye massagers are all about creating a comfortable and relaxing experience. Make sure the eye massager you intend to purchase fits the shape and size of your face. Also, look for items such as padding and adjustable straps. Poor quality products often use less comfortable and cheap materials.



Some eye massagers still rely on replaceable batteries, which can be a bit annoying and wasteful. Choose an eye massager that uses rechargeable batteries for better convenience.



Today, most eye massagers have the ability to play music. Some have built-in music similar to what you would hear at your local massage parlor. Some can connect to the device via Bluetooth and play any music you choose. Often, more expensive eye massagers will use higher quality speakers.


What are the benefits of owning an eye massager

The scientific literature supports many health benefits, so let's take a look at some of them.

Eye Massager: Buying Guide



Can a hot eye massager help relieve dry eyes?

This is a claim that is common to almost all eye massager manufacturers and does have credibility in the scientific literature. The following studies conclude that.

Hot massage is effective in improving dry eyes both subjectively and objectively. It is safe and appears to be a useful treatment option.


Can eye massage machines improve eye health?

There are several studies that suggest that eye massage can improve eye health, and some of the following studies specifically refer to eye massage machines.

A 2019 study concluded the following.

A two-week session using an eyelid massage device as an adjunct to heat therapy resulted in a slightly greater improvement in tear film lipid layer thickness compared to traditional manual techniques, which was statistically but not clinically significant.

Another study in 2012 stated.

Eyelid hygiene, in terms of routine cleaning and massage of the eyelids, is widely accepted in the treatment of many eyelid disorders.

There was also a 2015 study that concluded that

A single 12-minute session of vector thermal pulsation therapy reduced dry eye symptoms and improved lid function and other factors associated with ocular surface health.

There are many more unproven benefits that are confirmed anecdotally, but are widely believed to be true.


Relief of headaches

Tension is often created in the eye area, which can then spread to the muscles of the face and scalp, causing headaches. Eye massagers target eye trigger points to help relieve tension and relieve headaches.


Reduces dark circles under the eyes

Promoting blood flow to the eyes through eye massage can help relax muscles and loosen blood vessels that have tightened and caused dark circles under the eyes.


General Relaxation

As with any type of massage, there is a feeling of relaxation during and after the massage. This is because it lowers the stress hormone cortisol.


What are the different types of eye massagers

There are several different types of massagers on the market.


Infrared Eye Massager

This type of eye massager uses infrared light to improve circulation and promote healthy blood flow to the eye area. This is a common method used in many different health products.

Eye Mask Massager

This is the most common form factor you will find in the eye massager field. They are worn like a pair of goggles and come with an adjustable headband.

Hot Eye Massager

This type of eye massager is very common and almost all modern devices use some sort of heating feature that helps relax the eye muscles and promotes healthier blood flow.

Eye massage helmet

This shape is more commonly found in the head massager segment, but there are also eye massagers that use this shape. Very rare these days, as manufacturers have been able to miniaturize the mechanical components.


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Eye Massager: Buying Guide