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XB-8084 Eye Zone Lifting Massager

Products Name: Eye Massager
Packing : 
Outer Box Size :  21.5*17*9.5 CM

Product Details

Button of Eye Zone Lifting Massager:

1.Wireless,Foldable 180° ,English voice prompt

2.Intelligent air pressure

3.Multi-frequency vibratiing

4. With heating

5. Timer : 15 minutes

6. Connectable Bluetooth

7. Rechargeable lithium battery ; 1400 MHA: 6 Times/ 3 hours can be filled with electric,has UN38.3 and MSDS certificate

8. Modes: Clear Mode (Pressure +Heate+Music), Vitalit Mode (Pressure+Shake+music), Intergrated Mode(Pressure+Heat+Shake+Music), Kinetic Mode(Pressure+Music), Sleep Mode(Heat+Music).

9. Botton: Power on/off, Switch the Modes, Suspend/Play, Next song, Last song

Functions of Eye Zone Lifting Massager: 

1.Finger-pressing acupoint massage

Built in 5 digital simulation finger pressing massage modes, to massage and stimulate the acupoints around the eyes, activate the optic nerve.

2.Independent temple massage

Separate temple vibration and air pressure simulation massage, to relief brain nerve fatigue, and relax tensin, help thinking clear, improve work efficiency.

3.Heat therapy

Heating to improve hypodermis blood vessel dilatation, relief eye fatigue.

4.Multi-frequency vibration massage

Three kinds of frequency pulse modes make the eyeball and muscle of eyes more rhythmical movements and better blood circulation.

5.Smart air pressure massage

Built`in microcomputer, control changeable air pressure, adjust the best condition automatically according to different faces.