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What do I Need to Prepare Before Cupping?

Aug. 03, 2021

As a Chinese Cupping Supplier, let me share with you.

Preparation before cupping:

(1) Check the patient carefully to determine whether there are indications and whether there are contraindications. According to the condition, determine the prescription.

(2) Check whether the applied medicines and equipment are complete, then wipe them one by one and arrange them in order.

(3) Explain the operation process to the patient, relieve their fear and enhance their confidence in treatment.

Chinese Cupping

Chinese Cupping

Patient's position: Whether the patient's position is correct or not is related to the effect of cupping. The correct body should make the patient feel comfortable, the muscles can relax, and the surgical site can be fully exposed. The generally used positions are as follows

(1) Supine position: suitable for forehead, chest, abdomen and front of upper and lower limbs.

(2) Prone position: suitable for waist, back, buttocks and the back of the upper and lower limbs.

(3) Lateral position: suitable for side head, face, side chest, hips and knees.

(4) Prone sitting position and sitting position: suitable for nape, back, upper limbs and knees.

Selection of pots: According to the size of the part, the physical strength of the patient, and the condition of the patient, choose appropriate cupping or bamboo pots and other pots.

Scrub disinfection: On the selected treatment site, first wash the affected area with a towel soaked in water, and then dry it with dry gauze. In order to prevent scalds, it is generally not disinfected with alcohol or iodine. If it is necessary for treatment, it is necessary to shave in the hairy place or when cupping is near the hair to prevent fire, burn, skin or cause infection.

Warm pot: In winter or late autumn, early spring, the weather is cold, and before cupping, in order to prevent the patient from feeling cold, the pot can be burned on the fire in advance. When warming the pot, be careful to bake only the bottom, not the mouth, to prevent burns caused by overheating. The warming time should be that the jar is not cold and the skin temperature is equal, or slightly higher than the body temperature.

Surgery: First, expose the selected part. The surgeon approaches the patient and buckles the cans in different ways by holding the can easily (or left or right hand). There are generally two sorts:

(1) Close-packing method: The distance between the tank and the tank should not exceed 1 inch. For those who are strong and have pain symptoms. It has sedative, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, also known as "stimulation method".

(2) Evacuation method: The distance between the tank and the tank is 1--2 inches apart. It is used for those with weak body, numb limbs, and weakness. Also known as "weak stimulus method."

Inquiry: After the cupping pot is pulled up, you should keep asking the patient how he feels (if you use a glass pot, observe the skin reaction in the pot). If the pot is too strong and painful, you should put a small amount of air into it. The method is to hold the tank with your left hand and tilt it slightly, press the skin on the opposite side with your right finger to form a tiny gap to allow air to enter slowly, stop deflating when it reaches a certain level, and buckle it again. After cupping, if the patient feels weak in sucking, he can get up and pull it out again.

Cupping time: the big pot has strong suction power, it can be pulled out for 5-10 minutes at a time, and the small pot has weak suction power, and it can be pulled out for 10-15 minutes at a time. In addition, it should be flexibly controlled according to the patient's age, physique, condition, course of disease, and the location of the cupping operation.

Cupping frequency: 1 time a day or every other day, generally 10 times as a course of treatment, with a 3--5 day rest in between.

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