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What are the Main Features of Neck Massager?

Jan. 22, 2021

As a Neck Massager Supplier, share it with everyone.

The cervical spine massager combines four physiotherapy methods of low frequency pulse, magnetic therapy, infrared thermal moxibustion, and pillow traction. It uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to form a highly efficient composite energy field that can relax muscles and muscles and help improve blood circulation in the neck. Effectively relieve neck muscle stiffness and pain.

Cervical spine stretcher function: 

1. Restore the normal physiological structure of the cervical spine, adjust the cervical spine to maintain a healthy state.

2. Relieve the calcification of the joint capsule and ligament of cervical spine joint stenosis.

3. Improve insufficient blood supply.

4. Improve the pain caused by compressed nerves, loosen adhesions and prevent kyphosis.

5. Long-term use for adolescents in the developmental period will help height increase.

 Neck Massager

 Neck Massager

The cervical spine is the main pillar of the human body. It is closely connected with the medulla oblongata, the center of human life. It has abundant blood vessels and nerve plexuses, which guarantee the uploading and distribution of basic life activity information and nutrient delivery. Any subtle changes can cause discomfort to human organs. With the acceleration of the pace of life, the incidence and younger age of cervical spondylosis are increasing year by year, seriously affecting people's lives and work.

Main feature

1. A variety of massages such as acupressure, acupoint, multi-point and contact can be performed at the same time;

2. With soft far-infrared function, comfortable and practical.

3. The massage head integrates the magnetic therapy function, creating a new built-in 1800 Gauss health magnet;

4. Ergonomic design, the streamlined handle can be non-slip, satisfying any angle and position massage.

5. This product has high power and high efficiency, with strong or weak gear or stepless speed adjustable massage intensity. The massage head is made of non-toxic ABS, which is suitable for all parts of the body; changing the traditional massage equipment only has the limit of large and weak. It makes you more convenient and more comfortable to use.

6. Automatic recovery of overheating protection device.

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