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Head Massager and Scalp Massager: Purchasing Guide

Sep. 06, 2022

Learn how these great devices benefit you and what you should be looking for before buying!

Head Massager and Scalp Massager: Purchasing Guide

What are the benefits of head massage?

According to a large number of scientific publications, head massagers do have many benefits.


Many scientific studies have shown that head massager has a strong positive effect on reducing stress hormones, blood pressure and heart rate. The study found that norepinephrine cortisol and blood pressure (SBP & DBP) decreased significantly after using head massager. The conclusion is that we observed the positive effects of head massager on stress hormones, blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, scalp massage can be used for pressure control, not limited by space or time.

Promote hair growth

Many scalp masseuses claim that scalp massage can promote hair growth, but is this true? Many studies have shown that scalp massage every day for 24 weeks increases the thickness of the hair. Studies have shown that "tensile force can lead to changes in gene expression in human dermal papilla cells." Standardized scalp massage is a method of transferring mechanical stress to human dermal papilla cells in subcutaneous tissue. Standardized scalp massage shows an increase in the thickness of the hair. "

Relieve tension

One of the main selling points of head and scalp massagers is that they can relieve muscle tension and treat tension headaches. This statement has a solid foundation in the scientific literature and has been confirmed in many scientific papers.

One such paper shows that "the muscle-specific massage technique used in this study may become a functional, non-drug intervention to reduce the incidence of chronic tension headache."

Head Massager and Scalp Massager: Purchasing Guide

What are you looking for when buying a head or scalp massager?

Now that we know the benefits of these devices and their actual effects, let's take a look at the product itself. The head massager and the scalp massager are similar, but there are enough differences to ensure that the part is divided into two parts.

Matters needing attention in purchasing head massager.

A mature head massager is a helmet-like device with many different moving parts and many different functions. This makes them expensive purchases and therefore needs to be considered. The following sections highlight the most important things to look for before buying a head massager:


Head massages can be adjusted to different sizes of the head, but they are not suitable for people whose heads are significantly larger or smaller than the average. If your head is too small, the massage hardware can't reach it. On the other hand, if your head is too big to fit, in some cases, the head massager will be hurt.

Make sure you know the appropriate head size for each model.

Functional function

What exactly does the head massager do? Does it massage the orbital area, or is it just a scalp and neck massager? Is there a heating function or a vibration function? The more features, the higher the cost. So ask yourself what I need and what I want. Getting top-level head massages will have more features, but will you use them?

Brush bristles

Make sure you pay attention to the type of bristles or massage fingers used in each head massager. If your hair is fragile, you should choose softer bristles to protect your hair from damage.

Head Massager and Scalp Massager: Purchasing Guide

Matters needing attention in buying scalp massager

Scalp massages are simpler and more focused on their functions. They are also much cheaper, but that doesn't mean you should buy one compared to other products in the same category without evaluating their quality.

Brush bristles

Bristles are the most important consideration. Same as head massager; look for brushes that suit your hair type or massage style you like.


Some scalp massagers have a handle or lever that can be grasped and comfortably provided, while others are more like a PC mouse that can be held by hand. If you plan to use a scalp massager not only on the scalp, we recommend that you choose the one with a handle.

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