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Is Eye Massager Useful?

Feb. 20, 2021

As an Eye Massager Supplier, share it with everyone.

Eye massager is very effective for relieving fatigue and soothing muscles and nerves around the eyes.

Although it cannot treat eye diseases such as myopia, many eye diseases are often caused by long-term overuse of the eyes, eye fatigue, and lack of good rest. Therefore, eye protection devices also have a preventive effect.

Eye Massager

Regarding whether the eye massager is useful:

Eye massager is useful for relaxing the eyes.

The eye massager is useless for the treatment of eye diseases and myopia.

A suitable eye massager can relax the eyes, but an inappropriate eye massager is harmful to the eyes.

Relaxing eyes that have nothing to do with eye massager:

Hot and humid towels are the most recommended way to apply heat to the eyes.

Get used to the relaxation method and develop the habit of looking into the distance from time to time.

Drug relaxation method, use eye drops to relieve.

Massage relaxation method, manual massage and eye massager.

To understand the eye massager, let's take a look at its main functions:

1. Hot compress

This function is the same as the doctor's suggestion to use a hot towel to compress the eyes. Hot compress is very beneficial to the eyes, and the process can promote blood circulation around the eyes.

1. Relieve fatigue,

2. Eliminate dryness,

3. Eliminate swelling,

4. Improve immunity,

2. Air pressure massage

This is the same as we usually do eye exercises. By pressing the acupoints around the eyes, the muscles and nerves can be completely relaxed.

Basically, as long as an eye massager meets these 2 points, it can meet our basic needs.

Many people may think, then take heart: towel warm compress, can't you massage with your hands? It is indeed possible, because the effect is the same. But often because of people's inertia, they just can't persist.

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