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Is Cupping Effective In Summer?

Jun. 29, 2021

As a Chinese Cupping Suppiler, share with you.

Summer is the peak season for cupping. Compared with other seasons, the weather in summer is hot and dry, so it is the best time to treat chronic intractable diseases.

In addition to the high temperature, rain and humidity in summer, moisture can easily accumulate in the human body. In this season, cupping can not only enhance physical fitness, but also receive therapeutic effects such as dispelling cold and removing dampness.

Chinese Cupping

Chinese Cupping

Cupping can treat many diseases and relieve symptoms quickly, but it also has certain indications. For example, general low back pain is most suitable for cupping. Cupping on the back is more effective for cough, asthma, chronic gastritis, and indigestion.

Common cupping methods are divided into four categories: retention, removal, flashing and puncture cupping, each with its own specificity.

This method is mostly used to treat wind-cold dampness syndrome, such as neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.

Walking the can is to apply kaleidoscope oil on the mouth of the can. After the can is absorbed on the body surface, hold the bottom of the can and move it back and forth several times on the skin surface until the skin becomes flushed. It is suitable for areas with large area and rich muscles such as the back and back. , Used to treat colds, coughs, etc.

Flash can is to pull the can, immediately get up, repeatedly suck and pull many times, until the skin flushes, this method is commonly used to treat facial paralysis.

Puncture and cupping are to use plum needles or triangular needles to prick or puncture the skin locally, and then absorb the cans on the body surface to pull out 3 to 5 ml of blood. It is mostly used to treat skin diseases such as acne.

The various Shu points distributed along the back bladder meridian are closely related to the internal organs. Pulling a cup on the back every week is very beneficial for regulating the physiological functions of the internal organs, and the whole person will feel a lot more comfortable.

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