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destress foot massager XB-118

Products Name: Massage slippers
Packing : 1pcs each carton box
Outer Box Size : 37/ 38/ 39/ 40/ 41/ 42/ 43

Product Details

Item Description :

1. This product is made from 100% natural jade. Polished jade stone and soft cotton material  bring comfortable feeling for users

2.No noise, no terrible smell on the mattress, what' more, no radiation for the human body; Good product to healthcare,especially in the hot summer.

3. Safety and convenient product to use

4. Multiple sizes for customers

5.The first step: Soaking feet in hot water

Initial users have blood barrier at foot plantar, unbearable pain will make it difficult to insist on using, it is recommended to soak feet in hot water for half an hour to promote blood circulation, so you can ease the pain massage, massage effect will be better.

The second step: Stepping on

6. Wear massage shoes and stand up, keep trampling for five minutes to get initial adaptation to the massage intensity.

7.The third step: Walking

Insist on walking for 10 minutes every day, the feet plantar will have obviously clear in blood after 20 days, proof is that massage pain will greatly reduced wearing this massage slipper


1. It can promote blood circulation and improve immunity.

2. It can enhance resistance and restore normal physiological functions of the human body. 

3. It can relieve tension and promote a good sleep.

4. It can relax and activate the tendons and meridian and relax nerves and muscle to relieve fatigue.

5. Promote body endocrine balance and improve skin condition.

6. Accelerate fat decomposition and metabolism to avoid excessive muscle accumulation and stereotyping.