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foot vibration plate

Model:XB-8589 with remote
Products Name: Foot Massager 
Parameter:45 W
Packing : Color Box
Outer Box Size : 46 * 26 * 39 CM

Product Details

Rejuvenate your feet and also legs everyday with xingbu foot vibration plate.

Whether you've been standing up or walking around all day and intend to soothe your achey feet, wish to revitalize your legs with oscillating acupressure or just want to treat on your own to a peaceful foot massage therapy; xingbu foot resonance plate is the perfect, easy to use, at-home solution.

You could take pleasure in a deep, massaging, shiatsu foot massage in the comfort of your own house every single day with xingbu foot vibration plate.

Vibrating, oscillating foot rubbing machine: the xingbu foot vibration plate layers shake with 10 speed setups to massage therapy your feet and also legs, relieving pains, calming soreness and also assisting you loosen up.

Unique acupressure heads are flawlessly aligned with the soles of your feet: working along with the shaking foot plates, the acupressure innovation massages into the soles of your feet for a refreshing massage to assist reenergize as well as re-energize your legs and feet.

10 massage levels: with a click of the remote you can readjust your massage strength. Do you favor a relaxing, gentle massage therapy for your feet on an evening? When you are available in from a long day standing up or walking would you such as a deeper, more intense massage therapy? With xingbu foot vibration plate alleviation goes to your fingertips!

Easy to use, simple to store: simply put your feet on Vibro Legs and at the click of the remote you'll appreciate all the advantages of your customised foot massage in your own house. And it's so portable you can conveniently glide it away when you're done!

Product Details

Measurements: 39.5 centimeters x 36cm x 13.5 centimeters.

This product is covered by our thirty days Money Back Guarantee (Terms & Conditions Apply).

Button of Foot Vibration Plate:

* Timer : Can be adjusted from 5 to 30 minutes.
* Mode : 3 kinds of automatic foot physical therapy program.
* Intensity : 3 intensitys of air pressure and rolling
* Relax:  air bag working
* Heat : Infra-red light heating. Power : Turn on and off

Foot Vibration Plate Functions:

1. Whole foot(toes/soles/insteps/heels/)massage with roller,air pressure,heating.
2. Heating therapy to improve blood circulation.
3. Soles with multi-acupoint massage to scrapping and refreshing.
4. Insteps with air pressure kneading massage.
5. Automation simple type operating control.
6. Removable pads to easy cleaning and replacement.
7. Innovation beautiful new design. Color: Gold,White,Black or Customized
8. Will help strengthen metabolism, maintain youthful vigor.
9. Display settings can visually see the use time.