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Products Name: Foot Massager
Packing : 
Outer Box Size : 31*31*10cm

Product Details

Item Description :

1.Vibratory massage, one button, charge for 1.5 hours, use for 2-3 hours

2. Elegant fabric cover and one vibration motor inside

3. Built in one motor.

4. Portable design for convenient use

5. Automatic on/off for massaging

6. Six nodules for ultimate relaxation for the back

7. Different colors for the cover can be changed

8. Do not use it during sleep to prevent long-term stimulation of a certain area from affecting health

9. Do not use the massage machine within half an hour after meal, otherwise, adverse effects will occur due to different body constitution.

10. Drink 300-500cc of water or hot tea after massage to promote the excretion of metabolites in the body.


1.Relax the body pressure, promote the muscle blood circulation

2.Relief the mental pressure, improve the sleeping quality and body functions.

3.Heating provides gentle warmth to sooth tired muscles and relieve aches thoroughly

4.Relax the regional muscles, eliminating inflammation, swelling, pains and fatigue, numbness, and headaches.