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Products Name: Facial Massager
Packing : 
Outer Box Size : 12*10*7CM

Product Details

Item Description :

1.roller attachment and ball attachment for choice.

2.Strong wheel soft enough silicon teeth shape rollers, deeply grasp your muscle and rotate at very high frequency to break fat tissues underneath.

3.Soft hand-belt provides comfortable usage.

4.Durable design and high quality materials provide reliable quality, over 200 hours running test, to protect and build your high brand image.

5.Universal adaptor, fit for worldwide usage, covering 100-240V, 50-60Hz.

6.Professional control system

7.2 massage intensity positions


1.Stroking/squeezing hand massage effects.

2.Intensive effects - Stimulate each cell with strong motion to dissolve fat layers and cellulite.

3.Improve your biological environment by increasing the temperature of the skin.

4.Stimulates peripheral blood vessels, improve blood circulation, and accelerate waster discharge by improving metabolism.

5.Relieve swelling and tense muscles.

6.Double action: massage, pressure

7.cellulite and toning

8.Deep massage / helps to cellulite

9.Relieves fatigue

10.Strengthens belly and refines hips

11.Improves skin firmness and softness

12.Strengthens the effects of creams