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Is Shoulder and Neck Massage Important?

Apr. 19, 2021

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White-collar workers who have been sitting in the office for a long time often have stiff shoulders and necks because they use computers and mobile phones for too long. At this time, simple massage of the shoulders and cervical spine can relieve the symptoms. The neck is the key part that connects the head and the body. Shoulder and neck massage not only improve blood circulation, long-term adherence, but also strengthen the stability of the small joints and strengthen the strength of the neck muscles. It is good for improving cervical spondylosis, dizziness, headache, and stiff neck.

Is Shoulder and Neck Massage Important?cid=3

Neck Massager

There are many benefits of shoulder and neck massage. There is no need to take medicine or injections. The massage doctor's hands and simple instruments can press and knead some parts of the patient's body or acupuncture points and apply different techniques to relax the muscles. The purpose of collaterals and treatment of cervical spondylosis.

Although massage can indeed relieve fatigue and relieve pain, but not everyone is suitable for massage. A 27-year-old man went to a massage shop for shoulder and neck massage because of his cervical spine discomfort. Unexpectedly, during the massage, the man suddenly lost consciousness. Although he finally recovered his heartbeat after some rescue, similar cases also gave We sounded the alarm bell. Shoulder and neck massage pay attention to methods and methods, if the operation is improper, it may aggravate muscle strain and even cause more harm to the patient.

Clinically, it has been found that many people experience tension and pain in the shoulder and neck, usually because of long-term standing or poor sitting posture. Poor posture can cause excessive pulling of muscles and ligaments of the body, and over the long term, it may cause back pain. If this situation is not corrected and treated in time, the pelvic spine is not properly stressed, and over time it will cause the spine intervertebral disc to squeeze and protrude, thereby compressing the nerves.

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Is Shoulder and Neck Massage Important?cid=3