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What is the best massager gun?

Nov. 09, 2021

As a Massager Gun Supplier, share with you.

People who sit for a long time in the office and those who insist on exercising have all suffered from muscle soreness. Using a posture for a long time or maintaining a repetitive movement for a long time leads to accumulation of lactic acid in muscle metabolism, muscle tension and soreness. Many people are unable to start with the dazzling massage and relaxation products, and want to start with a value-for-money daily exercise and fitness device that can relax. The fascia gun, as a popular massage and relaxation product in recent years, has broken the circle quickly, but it is also Fascia guns are also very different. How to choose a safe, qualified, effective, and effective fascia gun becomes the top priority.

Massager Gun

 Massager Gun

The difference between a fascia gun of more than 1,000 yuan is not much, and the impact of tens of yuan and one or two hundred yuan is large, unstable, and the amplitude and strength are sometimes large and sometimes small. Especially the core part of the motor of the fascia gun may be guaranteed by big brands. The cheap fascia gun on the market does not have the effect of deep hitting and relaxation at all, but a simple vibration form of "vibrator", which obviously cannot In line with the demands of consumers, brush motors are basically used, and some even use low-quality motors, which lack a protection mechanism and are likely to cause harm to the human body. There are some fascia guns on the market with a rotation speed higher than 3000 rpm, the vibration force is too large, but it is easy to cause damage. The fascia gun between 2000-3000 revolutions can produce better results.

1. The motor is like the heart of the fascia gun. The faster the motor speed, the greater the motor horsepower, and the stronger the torque, the greater the thrust. Choose a brushless motor with low volume noise, low energy consumption, long life, stable and strong power;

2. The lower the noise of the fascia gun, the better the experience of use. Most products have no cost in noise control. Choosing a metal shell may reduce noise suppression;

3. The battery capacity is the power source of the fascia gun. Most products can last for 2 hours or use intermittently for more than 15 days. There is no need to do too much selection on the battery capacity, but the safety of the battery is particularly important. Choose qualified certification The battery is safer;

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