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XB-018 Neck Massager


Model:XB-018 Neck Massager
Products Name: Neck Massager
Packing : 
Outer Box Size : 21*13*11CM

Product Details

Item Description :

1. Ergonomic design, fit your neck perfectly

2. Wireless control release your hand

3. rechargeable with UBS line

4.Fit your neck, and can be a loop traction to relax your neck

5. Far-infrared hot application, active collaterals, promote blood circulation and alleviate pains

6. Hot application, Vibration, Electrical impulses, treatment modes and manual strength levels for electrical impulses treatment, to liberate your neck freely in working pressure.

7.Two buttons, the start button, long press three seconds to start the machine, when the machine is turned on, the press is the reverse kneading, the hot key is to control heating or not heating


1. Renew to the natural bend constitute, release and eliminate bone hyperplasia.

2. Eliminate edema, inflammation, improve shortage of head blood supplying.

3. Release the pain from nerve pressure.

4. Improve deep sleep.

5. Regulate enginery of neck and relative organize.

6.Stimulate the blood circulation

7.Relax the regional muscles, eliminating inflammation, swelling, pains and fatigue, numbness, and headaches.